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Why Your Disbelief in My Queer Identity Doesn't Negate Its Existence

This is an awesome read.  Another one of those things I wish I could print out in business card size, carry in my wallet and just wordlessly hand to people sometimes.

Just because my identity or my relationship fall outside of your norms doesn’t mean I owe you an explanation.  Just trust me.  

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LGBT activist Kirill Fedorov was violently assaulted by anti-gay protesters during the St. Petersburg gay pride rally in June. He was later arrested.
Photo by Mads Nissen featured in “From Russia With Love: Photos of Brave Gay Activists Fighting Homophobia" at MotherJones

LGBT activist Kirill Fedorov was violently assaulted by anti-gay protesters during the St. Petersburg gay pride rally in June. He was later arrested.

Photo by Mads Nissen featured in “From Russia With Love: Photos of Brave Gay Activists Fighting Homophobia" at MotherJones

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Hobby Lobby’s secret agenda: How it’s quietly funding a vast right-wing movement exclusive: How entities related to the company are quietly pumping tens of millions into a mélange of fringe causes

But a document published here for the first time reveals Hobby Lobby appears to be going much further than protecting freedom, providing funding for a group that backs a political network of activist groups deeply engaged in pushing a Christian agenda into American law. The document shows entities related to the company to be two of the largest donors to the organization funding a right-wing Christian agenda, investing tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars into a vast network of organizations working in concert to advance an agenda that would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians and deny their employees contraceptives under a maximalist interpretation of the Free Exercise Clause of the United States Constitution.

That network of activist groups has succeeded in passing legislation in Arizona requiring women to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion, banning taxpayer-funded insurance paying for government employees’ abortions, defining marriage as a union between a man and woman, and funding abstinence education. And there’s evidence that its efforts go well beyond the borders of the Copper State.

Not good, you guys. Not good at all. 

Someone clever-er than me please make a Hobby Lobby-ists joke.

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Heteronormativity isn’t just about the presumption that everyone is heterosexual. The expectation that boys woo girls feeds into your mind the expectation that relationships are necessary for fulfilment, and you are less than if you are not having particular kinds of sex with a particular, and a particular kind of, person at particular intervals. It’s about what Lauren Berlant calls the love plot, in which love is produced as a generic text enabling society to interpret your life as following certain conventions. It’s not about what you want, it’s about what you’re supposed to want. You’re not encouraged to think about what you want in relationships, if anything, so much as you are encouraged to fit a script. Heteronormativity messes things up for everyone, straight people included.
from “Tossing the Script of Desire” by Chally at ZeroAtTheBone

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Marry the Movement 

"This is a video Southerners On New Ground (SONG) made as a love letter to the LGBTQ movement and our allies. We want to encourage the promise and commitment of love for each other as LGBTQ people, beyond any one issue or win."

A beautiful way to think about the way that intersectionality and overlapping identities are present in the way that we receive the news from the Supreme Court that some civil liberties will be extended while simultaneously learning that others have been suspended.

"I am married to a movement that ties your freedom to mine."

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New Yorker Blog: How Edith Windsor Learned She Won 


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Remember, we have not established a revolutionary value system; we are
only in the process of establishing it. I do not remember our ever
constituting any value that said that a revolutionary must say
offensive things towards homosexuals, or that a revolutionary should
make sure that women do not speak out about their own particular kind
of oppression. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite: we say
that we recognize the women’s right to be free. We have not said much
about the homosexual at all, but we must relate to the homosexual
movement because it is a real thing. And I know through reading, and
through my life experience and observations that homosexuals are not
given freedom and liberty by anyone in the society. They might be the
most oppresed people in the society.

-a speech given August 15 1970 by Huey Newton co-founder of the Black Panther Party.

posted at Hip Hop & Politics recently because “Its serious food for thought coming in the aftermath of President Obama endorsing same-sex marriage”

Everyone should read the whole thing.  It brought me to tears. 

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I mean, Jesus, who even gives a fuck about sex?! People act like it’s the most important thing humans do, but come on. How can our sentient fucking lives revolve around something slugs can do. I mean, who you want to screw and whether you screw them? Those are important questions, I guess. But they’re not that important.
Will Grayson in John Green&David Levithan’s Will Grayson, Will Grayson

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But of course, saying nothing conveys a message of its own—one that is, unfortunately, open to a wide array of interpretations. To the besieged gay or perceived-to-be-gay student, the teacher’s uncomfortable silence signals at best cowardice and, at worst, complicity with the bully. Meanwhile, the aggressor receives no punishment, so why stop? Silent condemnation teeters perilously close to tacit approva