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Just discovered Twisted Doodles.  Love it.

Just discovered Twisted Doodles.  Love it.

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Blaming the woman goes back to Eve, so it shouldn’t be particularly surprising. But I still find this story bizarre: Why is Christie so determined not only to blame his former allies, but to shame them? He himself called Kelly “stupid” in his two-hour pity-party last January, while he depicted Wildstein as a high-school loser to his student-athlete-president demigod. Now his lawyers have used Stepien to smear Kelly – and that’s pissed off not only Stepien but Kelly’s friends, who took to the New York Times to denounce the report’s heaping dose of sexism in its depiction of Christie’s once fiercely loyal aide.


Consent undies, ftw!

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I’m basically two steps away from returning to graduate school so that I can write a paper about what to do with the fact that I think Disney may have actually successfully written a song that could conceivably be understood as a feminist anthem. (I mean, it’s not Beyonce, but I’m for real here.)

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So glad we could clear this up.

So glad we could clear this up.


Speaking of female lawmakers…

Did you know the “Congressional Women’s Softball Team” was a thing?

I find this whole concept endearing.

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Elizabeth Smart: Abstinence Education Teaches Rape Victims They’re Worthless, Dirty, And Filthy

You know who is a ROCKSTAR?

Elizabeth Smart.

Cause she’s turned herself from someone famously victimized to someone speaking out for the voiceless.

Can I get a “Damn girl!”?

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Imagine you’re a certified commercial pilot, and you’re among the 6.6 percent of them who happen to be women. You’ve passed all the same training as your male colleagues and proven that you can fly a plane just as well. One day, as you prepare for takeoff, you hear a male passenger say that he refuses to be flown by a woman. Do you just ignore him? Do you turn around and give a reasoned explanation of why your gender plays no role in your ability to fly a plane? Or do you kick him off the flight?

A Trip Airlines pilot went with the third option on Tuesday, May 22, after a male passenger stood up and shouted, “Someone should have told me the captain was a woman. I’m not flying with a female at the controls.” The unidentified passenger was ejected from the plane and met by police, who escorted him out of Belo Horizonte airport. The Brazilian airline later backed its pilot’s decision with a statement that it wouldn’t tolerate disparaging remarks about any of 1,400 women working there.

-Pilot Kicks Sexist Off Her Plane by Melissa van Gelder at the Ms. Magazine blog

This is my current favorite thing that has ever happened.

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Your very existence makes them anxious. And their anxiety is particularly high because you have something no generation of girls has had before — globally connected communities of men and women who support your equality and freedom. Like guns, germs and steel, this transformative technology, which enables me to write to you here, alters geography, changes societies and dismantles systems of control — it makes the world a smaller place and it creates, even if slowlyin some places, positive change for girls like you. You see, until now, these men could count on, indeed they could ensure, that you and the women around you were house-bound and isolated. Many of you still are. But now, there are millions and millions and millions people who are thinking about you and challenging these men every single day. You have the speed of light on your side and unless someone permanently turns the lights out, those days are gone. So, although you might feel like you are alone, you are not.

-from Dear Girls — Here’s Why Nasty Old Religious Men Are Terrified of You, an open letter to girls from Soraya Chemaly at Alternet.

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