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Johnny’s Weir’s Poker Face Routine

Weir repeatedly tells reporters that he doesn’t see what his sexuality has to do with his ability as an athelete.  And certainly does not give them the satisfaction of saying the word “gay”.  And then he goes and does a performance like this.  Everytime I see him in his glitter and his fur, talking about how if he weren’t a figure skater, he’d be a fashion designer, I’m pretty sure he’s saying “fuck you” to everyone biting their nails about whether or not he’ll “come out”.

Johnny Weir IS out.  Calling himself a “diva" was him coming out.  Embracing the nickname "Tinkerbell" was him coming out.  And perhaps in his best closet-busting move of all, when Weir was "accused" of wearing a boa to a press conference, he responded: “First of all, boas are so out. Secondly, I would never wear a boa to a press conference…That was a scarf, not a boa - dead chinchilla, not feathers.”

It’s the heterosexist norm that assumes everyone is straight unless they say otherwise.  Johnny Weir has never claimed to be straight.  He’s never claimed to be gay, either.  He just says its none of our business and then shows up on Sundance taking a bath with another boy.



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    (i still don’t give a fuck about the olympics, but i liked this lil quote)
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    I was watching the bit Real Sports (HBO) did about him this weekend and decided although I haven’t yet watched the...
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    I like the cut of his jib.
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    It’s like this song was DESIGNED for the ice. THRILLING
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    1) Srs note: He is such an amazing skater. O_O 2) Not srs note: I am so jealous of the man that can pull off leg...
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    this guy is amazing! it’s been a long time since i’ve seen that much expressiveness in a skating performance. and those...
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    Two things I really like: Gaga and figure skating. Also I plan on waking up at 2 to see what Jonny will pull out...
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    :) he was brill last night!
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    There is NOTHING I don’t love about him, and haven’t loved about him for years. Get it, girl.
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    marthaq: i find myself suddenly giving a fuck about the olympics.
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